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Ability Community Bus - Update

Clarification of how the service operates

Is there a Timetable?
We are registered to operate a flexible scheme which as such doesn't have a timetable as all journeys are pre-booked, (as you would a Taxi). The system then builds an optimised route, its also known as Demand Responsive Transport. The main benefit versus a fixed route time table is we only go to the places where customers have requested to be picked up and dropped off, and not run around empty most of the time and probably not at the times people may need.

Where can I go in Brackley?
Anywhere. Our main locations will be the town centre, supermarkets, medical centre, leisure centre, library.

Can I go to the new medical centre?
Yes, we do recommend you let us know your actual appointment time so we can ensure you arrive in time for your appointment.

Where will you pick me up from?
Most passengers will be picked up from existing bus stops / shelters. However those who have mobility problems may wish to "upgrade/purchase" a PLUS Membership which offers a number of benefits such as being picked up closer to home (end of their street) or the Gold level picks up from home.

Is it free to register?
Yes our Bronze registration is free, this is needed as everyone using the service must be registered by law, also so you can pre-book the bus service.

Silver and Gold Service registration are £24 / £36 respectively and if used weekly are less than 50p / 75p. We also offer a discount if two people from the same household register.

What will the bus fare cost me?
Concessionary bus pass holders travel free after 09:30 each day. Everyone else will pay a fare based on the distanced travelled (final fares are to be agreed)

Also as a not for profit organisation we also welcome a donation in our collection bucket on the bus so please spare a coin or two!

If there isn't a timetable – how will I know what time you will pick me up?
When you call to book you will be given an approximate time which is +/- 10 minutes dependant on the amount of bookings being taken and the route being taken. If for any reason we need to change the pickup time we will call and agree a revised time with you.

Can I just turn up at a bus stop and get on?
To guarantee yourself a seat you must pre book, however if your trip doesn't impact on the existing journey than you may be allowed to get on the bus.

Can I tell the driver If I want to go elsewhere?
No – We are required to pre plan the route so it is important that the Customer Service Centre are aware of the pick up and drop off points as this could affect the timings and fares charged. If we can accommodate your request we will do.

Posted: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 16:22 by Clerk

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