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Survey on proposed Armed Forces Community Hubs across Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire County Council is working with local partners to develop 'Armed Forces Community Hubs' across Northamptonshire for members of the Armed Forces community (those currently serving, Reservists, Veterans and family members).

The proposed Armed Forces Community Hubs would provide a warm and welcoming place where any member of the Armed Forces community could for advice, help and comradeship - all free to access and attend. The Hubs would also offer activities such as walking groups and of course refreshments.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we would also like to develop interactive virtual Hubs that would offer the next best thing. The virtual Hubs will allow people to chat to each other and with local community groups. Plus, we are teaming up with Adult Learning to offer online training courses such as Healthy Eating on a Budget for Families and Emotional Resilience as well as links to partner organisations. We intend to offer support and training in order for people to develop their digital skills and thus be able to access the virtual Hubs.

We would like to request your help by asking if you could complete the Armed Forces Community Hubs survey.

Give Us Your Views

Please give us your views by completing our online survey.

We are keen to hear from members of the Armed Forces community, but welcome views from those in the wider community.

This survey closes at midnight on Friday 20 November 2020.

Consultation on Admission Arrangements for Northamptonshire Schools for 2022 Intake

Northamptonshire County Council's School Admissions Team is co-ordinating a formal consultation on the admissions arrangements for mainstream schools within the county for the September 2022 intakes (primary, junior and secondary). This consultation period allows parents, schools, religious authorities and the local community to comment on proposed admission arrangements.

CONSULTATION will take place between 9 November 2020 and 20 December 2020.

DETERMINATION of school admission arrangements by admission authorities must be completed by 28 February 2021.

PUBLICATION of admission policies as soon as possible after 28 February 2021 and must be completed by 15 March 2021 (published on school's website and copy to LA).

For more information, please visit Northamptonshire County Council School Admissions website.

If you have any questions or enquires about the Admission Arrangements for Northamptonshire Schools for 2022 Intake, please contact the School Admissions Team:

Give Us Your Views

Please give us your views through the Admission Arrangements for Northamptonshire Schools for 2022 Intake Consultation page.

The consultation closes at midnight on Sunday 20 December 2020.

Farthinghoe Bypass Consultation

Northamptonshire County Council are asking for your view on the Farthinghoe Bypass routes. The consultation opens on Friday 6 November and will close at midnight on Sunday 3 January.

NCC are having to do things slightly differently as they are not able to have a physical consultation event in Farthinghoe. However, they can accept your opinions online.

All the information you need is online HERE.

They would also like to invite people to join the e-bulletin mailing list. Just email and they will keep your data secure and only use for Farthinghoe updates.

SNC Stronger Communities Strategy Consultation

Our draft Building Stronger Communities Strategy sets out the key issues within South Northants. We developed priorities with a broad range of partner organisations, including Elected Representatives, community groups and organisations and further revised them to address issues that have become more prominent through lockdown.

We are a large, rural district, which despite being generally affluent, has hidden poverty and disadvantage and specific local challenges, such as isolation and connectivity.

Our strategy outlines priority areas to increase community resilience and to positively shape the future of the residents of South Northants as we move to the new West Northants Council.

We want to develop an action plan with members of the public, service users and community groups for specific projects and initiatives and welcome your suggestions to help shape how we deliver this strategy to meet local needs.

The online survey can be found HERE

Give your views on proposed changes to Local Council Tax Reduction Schemes in West Northamptonshire

People in Northampton, Daventry and South Northamptonshire are being invited to have their say on proposed changes to Local Council Tax Reduction Schemes (LCTRS).

The schemes provide a reduction for working-age people and households on low incomes, to help them pay their council tax bill. Currently there are individual schemes in place for Northampton, Daventry and South Northamptonshire, which are administered by the councils in each area.

Each council offers a different level of support through their LCTRS scheme, but on 1 April 2021, there will be one new council for West Northamptonshire, replacing Northamptonshire County Council, Northampton Borough Council, Daventry District Council and South Northamptonshire Council.

The formation of this new unitary Council means that the three existing schemes need to be brought together into one consistent scheme effective from 1 April 2021, which offers the same level of Council Tax support, regardless of where a resident lives in the West Northamptonshire area.

Currently, the minimum Council Tax contribution that working age people must pay ranges from 8.5% to 31% across the three Councils. One proposal to bring the schemes together is for the minimum contribution to be set at 26.5%, meaning a maximum discount of 73.5% would be offered through the new scheme.

This proposal would see greater support given to the majority of working age claimants. A minority would receive less support than under the current schemes.

The proposal would also make the scheme broadly cost neutral to the new authority and place no additional cost on the wider taxpayer.

There are another five proposals outlined in the consultation document.

Views are sought on the proposed changes during a six-week consultation period, beginning on Monday, 2 November, and finishing at midnight on Sunday 13 December.

Councillor Rebecca Breese, Portfolio Holder for Finance, Revenues and Benefits for West Northamptonshire Shadow Authority, said: "We want the new council tax reduction scheme to support as many people as possible who need help paying their council tax, but we must ensure that the scheme is affordable.

"From April 2021, the new West Northamptonshire Council must offer a fair and consistent scheme to all our residents, regardless of where they live.

"We have reviewed the three current schemes which are in place across the existing councils and have proposed a new scheme that harmonises what is already in place.

"We are keen to ensure that all council tax payers are aware of the changes being proposed and anyone who is likely to be affected by the proposed changes is encouraged to take part in this consultation. Responses will be analysed before a final scheme is presented to Shadow Executive in the New Year."

Those of pensionable age are protected by the prescribed regulations set out by central Government therefore will not be affected by the changes proposed to the LCTRS in West Northamptonshire, and will continue to receive the same level of support that they have been used to getting from their current council.

Full details about the scheme, how the proposals were developed, and the other options considered, along with the online consultation questionnaire, are available online:

The consultation runs from 2 November, until 13 December 2020 and the final scheme will be agreed by the West Northants Shadow Executive Committee on 26 January 2021. All responses are anonymous, and participants are not required to submit their name or address.